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Water Conditioning Increases Your Comfort

Area water can be harsh! Fight back with water conditioners from Arctic Desert Mechanical LLC. We can soften hard water and reduce its destructive acidity.

Nearly 30 years of plumbing work in the area has taught us one thing for certain: Acidic water is a destroyer, and it's a problem around here, especially in Chester County!


Let us test your water and recommend a solution. We'll replace your leaky pipes and install a water softening system that will not only improve the taste and smell of your water, but will protect your pipes from further damage.

Reduce the acidity of local water

Soft, less acidic water is not only easier on your pipes, it has other benefits too.

• Washers, heaters and other appliances last longer

• Faster water heating reduces energy consumption

• Plumbing fixtures like shower heads last longer

• Clothes and dishes are easier to clean

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Multiple soft water benefits

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New installations come with our 1-year warranty, as well as the manufacturers' warranty!

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